Guy Barash: Talkback VII

Guy Barash came in to record vocals with Jamie Jordan for his new composition, Talkback VII. This contemporary classical work is comprised of voice, and prerecorded electronic soundtrack.

Here is a note from the composer about the piece:

Image from  artist website

Image from artist website

The seventh in a series of compositions for solo instruments and electronics, Talkback VII “Polaroid” is a dialog between a singer and her prerecorded voice. It is based on the eponymous poem by Nick Flynn, which examines a famous exchange between Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso:

He paints her face from memory.
But it doesn’t look anything like me, she argues.
Perhaps not, he says—but it will.

Talkback, just like in online media, is a response to something more substantial: western tradition, the canon. It is smaller but often as significant as it is a sincere manifestation of the zeitgeist. Real-time interaction between the singer and her electronic incarnation, similar to forms of contemporary communication—posting, tweeting, blogging, etc.— is filtered, yet very real.

Gene Marlow records two albums in one day

Critically acclaimed jazz composer, Gene Marlow, came in to record seventeen songs between two records with Sam Palumbo. This session involved piano, drums, upright-bass, saxophone, and vocals.


The first record tracked featured Arcoiris Sandoval on piano. The overall theme of this record is love, so we are looking forward to hearing it in the coming months!

The second album tracked that day is called Blue in Green: Inspired by the jazz poems of Grace Schuman.

"BULLDOZER" The Musical Vocal Recording

Earlier this summer, Peter Galperin and his band recorded instrumental tracks for his musical, “BULLDOZER” with Russell Castiglione. They just finished part two of the recording process with Sam Palumbo.

The entire cast cycled through the studio over a few days, including former American Idol, and Rock of Ages star, Constantine Maroulis.

Read our previous article about the instrumental tracking here.

Music Recording and Mixing for The Park Avenue Synagogue

The historic Park Avenue Synagogue has been working with Dubway to make an album of 21 children's songs.

Musical director, Colin Fowler, brought a handful of musicians up to the Mezzanine studio to record drums, piano, bass, clarinet, saxophone, flute, and four vocalists. This marathon session was engineered by Zac Suskevich.

Later, Pascal McGilvray-Guard recorded pickup vocals on the main floor of the studio, and Sam Palumbo Mixed all the tracks.

Score Tracking with Billy Goldenberg

Emmy Award-winning composer, Billy Goldenberg, has partnered up with Dubway, to record a score for an upcoming PBS feature. One day, he came in to record parts for solo voice with Keenan Dubois on the main floor. Another day, Zac Suskevich brought them up to the Mezz to record flute, keys, and a pedal harp.

Billy has a long and colorful career that dates to the late 40's. He has arranged and composed music for countless TV shows, and has worked alongside notable talents such as Steven Spielberg, Elvis Presley, and Diana Ross.

Jack Tracy "Older" Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Dubway

We had the pleasure of producing Jack Tracy's debut record, "Older," all within the walls of Dubway Studios. "Older" was brought to life with the help of our engineers, Sam Palumbo, and Mike Judeh.

The record just dropped, so you can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, or Amazon, and dance to it tonight!

Here is the official music video for the single, "Satisfaction."

Hey! While you're here, take a look at these beautiful covers!

"Take Me Home Country Roads" Fallout 76

A little while back, Ravi Krishnaswami and Jason Menkes of COPILOT Music came to record a gorgeous cover of John Denver's "Take Me Home Country Roads" with our engineer, Sam Palumbo. They all Spent two days up in the Mezzanine studio recording this blissful track.

The song was recorded specifically for Bethesda's widely anticipated video-game, Fallout 76, and is featured in the game trailer below. The song made it to #1 on Itunes for a little while, according to VGR.

Recording The Music From "BULLDOZER" with Peter Galperin

Image:  Facebook

Image: Facebook

Peter's critically acclaimed musical, Bulldozer, about Robert Moses, the controversial "master builder" of mid-20th century New York City, hit the Mezzanine studio in June, after a successful seven week run Off-Broadway at the Theatre at St. Clement's, starring Constantine Maroulis. Peter Galperin (writer, composer, guitar), Patrick Carmichael (drums), Clare Cooper (keys), and Bryan Percivall (bass), stopped in to track instrumentals with our engineer, Russell Castiglione. The band cranked out a whopping twenty-five songs in two days!

String quartet recording for major Warner Bros. artist

Dubway Studios recorded a string quartet for a major artist on the Warner Bros. label, late this March 2018. Producer Aja Grant and engineer Bea Go worked in the Mezzanine studio to record strings (and piano) for one song to be placed on the artist's upcoming album.

Aja Grant is a producer and pianist/keyboardist, known for his work in Brooklyn R&B band Phony Ppl, and production work on Mac Miller's latest album, The Divine Feminine. Grant has also played on tours, with Phony Ppl, backing major Interscope artist Kali Uchis, rapper Theophilus London, and Fetty Wap on Jimmy Kimmel.

recording some luscious strings in the Mezzanine (@ajag.otkeys)

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BMI Composer Rick Baitz celebrates 10 years of the "Composing for the Screen" workshop

Photo: BMI

Photo: BMI

BMI composer Rick Baitz was presented with a certificate of appreciation during the reception celebrating 10 years of the “Composing for the Screen” workshop. Rick Baitz has successfully lead an intensive “Composing for the Screen" workshop that was celebrated at BMI’s New York office on October 11. Sponsored by BMI, the workshop provides a select group of emerging film composers with hands on experience under Baitz’ expert guidance. The six workshop classes, which also include insights from other invited mentors, are followed-up with a year of continued consultation and development.

He will also be honored, alongside composer John Williams, at a special BMI event in June.

In 2016, Rick Baitz was in Our Mezzanine Studio tracking a string quartet for his original composition, Chthonic Dances. The piece featured very detailed interlocking melodic patterns that highlight the rich tones of the string instruments. Chthonic Dances is approximately 30 minutes in length and can be played throughout or a shortened version with an alternate ending.

Season Isle and Remy's Place awarded by Parents' Choice Awards!

We are very delighted to share the news that Rhumba-produced children's podcast, Season Isle and Remy's Place have been given recognition by the highly-acclaimed Parents' Choice Awards!

Season Isle has been awarded a Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award(Category: Audio, Subcategory: Storytelling); and Remy's Place has been awarded a Parents' Choice Recommended Award (Category: Audio, Subcategory: Music).

The two podcasts can be found and heard exclusively on Panoply's children's podcast division, Pinna Audio.

Congratulations to everyone involved on all the hard work and creative energy put into these shows!

Percussion recording for upcoming film, 'Book Club'


Dubway engineer Louis Fisher spent a day in the Red Room with composer Peter Nashel and musician Joe Bonadio, tracking percussion for the upcoming comedy film Book Club.

Book Club, in theaters May 18th by Paramount Pictures, marks the directorial debut of producer/screenwriter Bill Holderman (A Walk in the WoodsThe Company You Keep), from a screenplay by Holderman and Erin Simms. Book Club stars Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson, Andy Garcia and Don Johnson. Peter Nashel, of Duotone Audio Group, and known for his work on Definitely, MaybeCarriers and Great Expectations, was hired to compose the score for the film.

Watch the trailer of the upcoming movie below.