Building Access/Load-in

Dubway Studios is located at: 42 Broadway, Floor 22, in Manhattan

Phone: 212-352-3070, Fax: 212-352-3072, email:


Nights & Weekends

Due to the security of the building, a list of names of people attending your session is required on nights and weekends. Please note that all attendees will likely be asked to show identification upon entering the building.

Loading in Gear

All load-ins must be coordinated with Dubway. The building does not allow wheeled items through the front (42 Broadway) entrance – everything must be carried. We are happy to assist with loading in.

For larger load-ins and/or wheeled items, the only access is through the rear of the building, at 55 New St, to the freight elevator. Access to 55 New St. is limited to 8AM – 5PM, Mon – Fri. (See directions, below), and the freight elevator is available 8AM – 12PM, and 1PM – 5PM. So, again, gear load-ins need to be coordinated with Dubway in advance.


42 Broadway, Floor 22
New York, NY 10013
(212) 352-3070


General Inquiries