EMS Synthi "A" restored and studio-ready!

synthi b.jpg

Years ago, studio owner Al Houghton found an old EMS Synthi A series synthesizer for sale at an antique store. That same synthesizer has now been repaired and refurbished, and is back at the studios! The EMS Synthi series has been used on numerous classic records (Jean-Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, King Crimson, and many others), and was famously used to design the sound of the Daleks in Dr. Who. These are very special synthesizers, built in the UK in 1971 with the classic “Putney” style matrix patching. Three oscillators, a noise generator, a filter, an envelope generator, a ring mod, and a spring reverb round out the unit.

The Synthi A is available on request for music, post production, or whatever use you find for it!