Throwback Thursday: SongCraft Presents

Happy Thursday, Dubway family! For today's throwback, we're highlighting a project that Dubway owner Al Houghton and former co-owner Mike Crehore worked on a few years ago..

SongCraft Presents is a "web series in which featured artists write and record a song in the course of a day with host Ben Arthur. Producers Al Houghton and Mike Crehore then take the song and shape it into a polished studio track.

There’s no cheating.  From concept and lyrics to arrangement and performance, the pressure is on to make not just a good song, but a great song.

Often filmed in NYC’s renowned Dubway Studios, the artists have access to the best recording resources available: vintage instruments, state-of-the-art recording software and hardware, and the best engineers in the business.

Here are the first and last parts from one of the episodes of the series featuring Kaleta and his band Zozo Afrobeat.