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Dubway Management


Al Houghton

Owner & Producer

Since launching Dubway in the mid-80's, Al has built a small recording studio into a full-fledged production facility. He opened the original Dubway in the Music Building at 584 Eighth Avenue. Word quickly spread about the lone engineer in a tiny studio who could conjure up amazing sounds using only one blown speaker and a beat-up four-track. Since those early days, Al has worked on countless projects, built the dazzling new Dubway studios, and continues to be an active musician on New York's club scene.


Nicole Muzii 

Studio Manager

Nicole started at Dubway after spending time at an art house movie theater and performance space as a manager and projectionist. She has been living in New York for over a decade and has probably jumped off the stage at every NYC music venue. Nicole loves all genres of music from Rock 'n Roll and Pop, to Bluegrass, Rap and even Disney tunes. In her free time, when she is not engaged in the music industry, she enjoys working on her mixed media artwork and channeling her inner nerd at comic book conventions.


Nathaniel Reichman

Operations Manager, Engineer

Nathaniel Reichman is a Grammy-nominated mixer, engineer, and music producer who has worked extensively in television, film, and classical music. His work can be heard on numerous hit children's television shows including Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesWordWorldBubble Guppies, and Wallykazam!

In film, he has contributed to Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s The Revenant, Godfrey Reggio's Naqoyqatsi, Abel Ferrara's 4:44 Last Day on Earth, and the Showtime documentary Comedy Warriors, among others. He has also worked on major contemporary classical music albums including those of composers John Luther Adams and Philip Glass.  He is a graduate of Bennington College, and an alumnus of the art school Fabrica in Italy.




Bea Go came to Dubway in 2016 after completing an audio production program at the Institute of Audio Research, specializing in vocal production and social media/communications outreach. A native New Yorker, Bea Go began her pursuit in music and audio by using internet platforms to share and promote her work, gathering over 2 million plays and 30,000 fans and followers online.

Bea is also a freelance session vocalist with credits including Barbie Dreamtopia, Ford, and MosBurger. When she's not in the studio, she's out and about supporting her friends' bands, writing songs, and engineering live sound for local artists for Sofar Sounds.

Dubway's Engineers & Creatives


Adrian Thorstensen

Producer, MIXER, Engineer

When he's not roasting marshmallows over the campfire, Adrian sound designs for TV and film, including Nickelodeon's Wallykazam! production, and "Fishing Without Nets," winner of Best Short Film at Sundance. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Adrian got his start in music as a guitarist, before migrating to San Diego where he honed his skills as a re-recording mixer and music engineer/producer. 


Sam Palumbo

Engineer, Composer

Sam has bounced through a few incarnations in his budding music career, from record label A&R, to live sound technician, to composer and sound designer.  Producing and songwriting along the way, he came to Dubway after a stint at the music house of Elias Arts, and has now assisted on recordings for Lily Allen, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and the Zac Brown Band.

Sam graduated from Drexel University’s Music Industry Program. He finds himself especially busy composing and designing sound for Dubway’s growing mobile gaming clientele. 


Russell Castiglione 

Engineer, Producer, Composer

He switched gears - from managing a biotech firm to engineering and music production! Upon his move from San Diego (University of California, Santa Cruz) Russell's jazz guitaring and bedroom recording stood him good stead as he came to record a wide a array of underground rock, punk, and funk bands. A songwriter himself, he has produced a number of acts, including his own band, Cosmonaut Radio.


Zac Suskevich


Obsessed with organizing noise for as long as he could remember, Zac took this love of music and sound all the way through Berklee College of Music and turned it into a career as an audio engineer and composer. Fully capable of engineering everything from abrasive and feedback-heavy punk to side-splittingly funny podcasts, he is also a highly competent location sound mixer. His portfolio includes projects for NPR, GQ, Simon & Schuster, Investigation Discovery, and UK's Channel 4. 

When not at Dubway, Zac eats whatever looks appetizing, talks in absurd voices, and makes avant-garde music under the name vilefilth.

Louis Fisher

Louis Fisher


With a passion to become an audio engineer, Louis left his hometown in New Jersey to attend Full Sail University to study Recording Arts. Finding Dubway almost immediately upon graduation, he began as an intern and was quickly promoted to engineering sessions for clients. He has since sound designed for Rhumba’s new children's podcasts Remy’s Place and Season Isle and has spent countless hours recording VO for clients such as Nickelodeon and WNYC. Louis also enjoys working on short films from front to back, from production audio to the re-recording mixer. When he's not working in audio, you can find Louis on a snowboard in the Poconos.




Merter started his career as a bass player in his hometown of Istanbul as a young teenager. He worked in post-production audio for four years before moving to New York in 2008, and joined the Dubway Team shortly after earning a master’s degree from NYU in 2012.

Since then, Merter has tracked, mixed and sound designed for projects spanning from commercials, documentaries, short movies and series for TV/multimedia to music production. He works with various format multi-track reel-to-reel tape machines, and other analog and digital audio sources. Merter is also experienced in digitizing, archiving and audio restoration.

Besides his studio work, he is active in the New York Music scene as a musician and live sound engineer at various venues.

Rashid Ramkissoon


A native Brooklynite, Rashid grew up immersed in the Trinidadian culture, mastering the steel drums and jazz improv. His love of hip-hop led him to engineering at Dubway.

Deceptively mild-mannered, he rocks the Steel Band Competition every Labor Day during the West Indian Carnival in Crown Heights. 


Michael A. Judeh

Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer

A native Brooklynite, Michael has been part of the New York Music scene as an engineer and musician for the better part of a decade. Michael’s musical tastes are as varied as his engineering skills and he's always willing to try something twice in the studio. He's clocked countless hours tracking, mixing, and mastering various artists & bands, as well as touring around the world with Danish psychedelic-soul act, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, as a front of house engineer, monitor engineer, and production manager.

A small sampling of his credits include: Maroon 5, Ringo Starr, The National, Adele, Vampire Weekend, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, The Alabama Shakes, Gavin DeGraw, VH1 Unplugged, Waking Lights, Stephanie Nilles, Julian Fleisher, Pig Pen Theater Co., Ana Gasteyer, Sirius XM Radio.

Michael’s passion extends beyond engineering and is reflected in his guitar and keyboard playing. He has honed his chops earning his music degree as a jazz guitarist and playing in a variety of bands over the years.


Chris Camilleri


Chris abandoned his quiet town in Minnesota and moved to New York in 2007. He earned a master's degree from NYU in 2009 and in the same year joined the team at Dubway. Known for his exacting approach to recording and mixing music, he finds his passion in bringing structure and balance to great ideas, which might be why he is an indispensable companion for producers and artists alike. A multi-instrumentalist and lifelong student of music, Chris' unique point-of-view has earned him a loyal client base at Dubway.


Chris Montgomery


After spending his teen years immersed in music, Chris decided to leave his native city of Glasgow, Scotland and relocate to London. He spent the next five years honing his skills as a guitarist and studio engineer. 

Having obtained a degree in Music Technology, Chris set his sights on New York City. He immediately found himself behind the mixing desk of the city's oldest rock venue, The Bitter End, while building a reputation as a freelance audio engineer. In the summer of 2009, Chris joined the Dubway Team. Moving through the ranks from intern to engineer, he has worked with some of our biggest clients, including iTunes and VH1. 

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