Chris Abell

Contemporary mix for Vadim Petrov


Dubway has recently been tasked with doing a contemporary mix of one of renowned composer Vadim Petrov's pieces. He is a pianist and Czech composer of classical and popular music.

Vadim Petrov has composed over 1300 works over the span of his career, concentrating his production mainly in theatre, film, radio, and television music. In the 1960's he founded the People's Conservatory (now Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and College) specializing in dance-music and jazz, and became its first director.

Vadim Petrov and granddaughter Linda Vojtová

Vadim Petrov and granddaughter Linda Vojtová

Dubway's Eric Namaky and Chris Abell are the producers on the project. In addition, his granddaughter is international supermodel, Linda Vojtová. It's through her inspiration that Petrov is making an effort to put a contemporary spin on his work.