SOCAPA caps off another summer of recording at Dubway

NYC’s School of Creative and Performing Arts (SOCAPA) has wrapped up another full summer of recording with us! We love having these talented kids, most of whom are highschool age, back each summer to work on their music with our engineers.

During the camp, the attendees write, record, and (depending on the length of their camp stay) shoot a music video for an original song. Songs are recorded in sprint-style sessions, with each student getting a two or three hour chunk to track their entire song! SOCAPA days are where Dubway engineers tend to prove they can work at speed over the course of an entire day – a single engineer may start and finish up to four songs – as they follow one camper’s creative process through to the next’s.

Check out videos of finished songs from previous years here, here, and here (all shot in our Mezzanine studio) and if you’ve got a young songwriter in the family, consider signing them up! Thanks again to the SOCAPA team for another great summer. See you next year!