Drum recording for Jimena Fama album 'Ecos de Buenos Aires: Symphonic Sessions'

Jimena Fama.jpg

Argentinian modern tango artist Jimena Fama was in studio working with engineer Russell Castiglione and drummer Tommy Hartman to record drums for her newest upcoming release, Ecos de Buenos Aires: Symphonic Sessions, Live from Buenos Aires. The album features the highly acclaimed La Sinfonica Argentina (Symphony of Argentina).

The project will be a symphonic adaptation of her debut album Ecos De Buenos Aires, which was completely composed, produced and recorded by Fama herself. The new smyphonic album is described by Fama as "a sensitive and powerful journey that discovers the encounter of Electronic and Classical music providing an innovative artistic experience."

Jimena Fama is composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Buenos Aires based in New York and London. Her music can be found on all music retailer platforms and has been featured in a variety of shows on television including Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and commercials for GUESS.

Here are some photos from the session below...