Recording Chinese Instruments with Mario Spinetti

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Mario Spinetti was back in the Mezzanine with engineer Sam Palumbo recording three Chinese instruments for a new original song. The session featured musicians Wei Wei on guzheng, FeiFei Yang on erhu, and Lu Liu on pipa.

Harvest Parker recording a Christian EP with The Brilliance

Christian singer and songwriter Harvest Parker came from Atlanta to record in our Mezzanine studio, tracking piano and vocals for five songs off her new Christian EP. The session was accompanied by producer David Gungor and pianist John Arndt (of The Brilliance), while her brother, Christian singer-songwriter Daniel Bashta, was also in attendance. Sam Palumbo engineered.

After the piano and vocals tracking was complete, Harvest had time to record a live performance of her new song, "Anchor" with piano and cello. See the video below:

A live one pass recording from DUBWAY Studios in New York City. A new song called ANCHOR from her upcoming project getting by with a little help from our friends from the band The Brilliance.

Film Score tracking for "Patricia: el Regreso del Sueño"

Last weekend, we hosted a 26-piece string and brass orchestra in our Mezzanine studio, tracking the score for the upcoming Spanish film, Patricia: el Regreso del Sueno. Composer Misael Mañón was on hand while Caonex Peguero conducted. Sam Palumbo engineered the session with Mariah Cruz assisting. See a clip from the tracking session below:

Alla Ray live band tracking

Singer-songwriter Alla Ray was back in the Mezzanine recording rhythm tracks for five new songs off her upcoming album.

Pictured from left to right are engineer Sam Palumbo, bassist Rob Jost, keyboardist Dominic Fallacaro, Alla Ray, vocal producer Ron Shetler, drummer Doug Yowell, producer Al Houghton, and assistant Hayden O'Leary.

Great session today tracking with @allarayofficial #dubwaystudios #recordingstudiolife #tracking

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Lincoln Schleifer conducting a string section for Alan Walker

Last Friday, musician Alan Walker (of indie rock band The Brilliant Mistakes) was in the Mezzanine recording strings for his upcoming solo album. Producer Lincoln Schleifer conducted his string quartet arrangement (Meg Okura and Joe Deninzon on violin, Chern Hwei Fung on viola, and Marika Hughes on cello) of two songs from the album. Dubway's Sam Palumbo engineered. 

Simone Dinnerstein and Mozart In Havana


Simone Dinnerstein was in studio conducting interviews remotely with radio stations nationwide to promote her new classical album, Mozart In Havana. Dubway staff member Adrian Thorstensen engineered.

Simone Dinnerstein is a New York-based classical pianist, internationally renowned for her recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations which reached No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Classical Chart. Notably, she funded that album independently. On her newest Sony Classical release, Mozart In Havana, Dinnerstein collaborated with Havana Lyceum Orchestra to perform Mozart's Piano Concerto Nos. 21 and 23.

Peter Fish producing a Jazz ensemble in the Mezzanine

Six-time Emmy winning composer and keyboard player Peter Fish worked with Dubway engineer Sam Palumbo, producing compositions by Irv Shafer with a jazz ensemble in the Mezzanine studio. This live session (vocals, piano, drums, bass and saxophone) was dedicated to exhuming songs composed by a Irv Shafer, a contemporary of George and Ira Gershwin, and so introducing new inspiration into the current canon of jazz standards.

Dubway engineer Sam Palumbo and Producer Peter Fish recording an awesome #Jazz ensemble #recordingstudio #nyc #ssl

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Percussion and Piano tracking for Uner


Spanish electronic music sensation Uner was in studio tracking percussion and piano for his new album. Working with him was Dubway engineer Mike Swells, who Uner has developed a friendship with after DJ'ing together for many years. His new album is set to release this summer of 2017.

Eugene Marlow produces a composition for Baruch College video

Composer Eugene Marlow produced a live band with CUNY Baruch College students this March.

His original composition, "The Rhythm of My Future," features a combination of sample hip-hop drum tracks and improvised world music instruments, including electric guitar, sitar, clarinet, pan flute, saxophone, koto, steel drum, and Rhodes. 

The recording is part of a music video commissioned by the Dr. Aldemaro Romero, Jr., Dean of the Weissman School of Arts & Sciences, CUNY Baruch College.

Throwback Thursday: SongCraft Presents

Happy Thursday, Dubway family! For today's throwback, we're highlighting a project that Dubway owner Al Houghton and former co-owner Mike Crehore worked on a few years ago..

SongCraft Presents is a "web series in which featured artists write and record a song in the course of a day with host Ben Arthur. Producers Al Houghton and Mike Crehore then take the song and shape it into a polished studio track.

There’s no cheating.  From concept and lyrics to arrangement and performance, the pressure is on to make not just a good song, but a great song.

Often filmed in NYC’s renowned Dubway Studios, the artists have access to the best recording resources available: vintage instruments, state-of-the-art recording software and hardware, and the best engineers in the business.

Here are the first and last parts from one of the episodes of the series featuring Kaleta and his band Zozo Afrobeat.

Surround Mix for John Luther Adams' "Canticles of the Holy Wind"

'Canticles of the Holy Wind' performed in the Met’s Medieval Sculpture Hall (Richard Termine for The New York Times)

'Canticles of the Holy Wind' performed in the Met’s Medieval Sculpture Hall (Richard Termine for The New York Times)

John Luther Adams was in the studio with producer Nathaniel Reichman mixing his highly-anticipated new choral piece "Canticles of the Holy Wind". The piece, commissioned by Chamber Choir Kamer and The Crossing Choir, was recorded in a church in rural Pennsylvania, and features The Crossing Choir led by conductor Donald Nally.

Nathaniel Reichman and John Luther Adams in The Blue Room.

Nathaniel Reichman and John Luther Adams in The Blue Room.

Cantaloupe Music’s ongoing commitment to surround-sound gave Nathaniel Reichman and recording engineer Paul Zinman the opportunity to record the piece as it was originally intended to be heard: four separate choirs surrounding the audience. Nathaniel says, “There’s always a let-down when you switch from the immersiveness of surround to the flatter, more ‘painterly’ stage of stereo. But in this piece, that difference is huge.”

John Luther Adams and Nathaniel have worked on many albums at Dubway together, including the 2015 Grammy-winning album (and Pulitzer Prize winning composition), Become Ocean. Looking ahead to the release of the new album, Nathaniel adds “John has written another profound and exquisite piece, and the choir’s performance is extraordinary. We’re all really proud of the result.”

Look for the album and new performances of "Canticles of the Holy Wind" in the spring of 2017.

Geek-Out with Nathaniel - Episode 8: Custom Key Commands


Back in Logic version 2, you could enter your own key commands for nearly every function in the application. This led to a lot of confusion, but it was fun. Mac OS X allows users to add key commands to installed applications, but the process is a little inflexible, and system maintenance can easily erase your work. To address this problem, Keyboard Maestro has become a favorite tool of professional artists. Keyboard Maestro runs as a background process and takes almost no CPU power. I rely on it heavily while using Pro Tools. Here are some of my favorite custom commands:

command-r: Show/Hide Clip Name
option-d: Delete Fades
control-r: open Pitch 'n Time Pro

I’m in the middle of a project that has caused me to become an Izotope RX ninja. You can automate the process of getting from Pro Tools to RX and back:

shift-c (clicks on an open Audiosuite plug-in for RX Connect): RX Connect Send
shift-d (sends the audio back to Pro Tools, waits 0.5 seconds for the application switch, and then renders the audio by hitting the Audiosuite plug-in): RX Connect Render

This greatly speeds up insanely tedious tasks. Here’s a screenshot of my custom key commands. I regularly update these depending on what (tedious) task I’m doing:

All of this is no substitute for learning all the key commands that Pro Tools already has. So for a little bedtime reading, here’s the official shortcut guide. Be careful when adding commands, because if they overlap with existing commands, the computer might yell at you.

Raye Zaragoza recording her debut album

Raye Zaragoza recording in the mezzanine's live room. (Photo: Desmond White)

Raye Zaragoza recording in the mezzanine's live room. (Photo: Desmond White)

Visiting from Los Angeles, Raye Zaragoza began recording her debut album (title TBA) in the mezzanine with engineer Chris Montgomery. Accompanying her are musicians Goh Izawa, Tom Basom, Desmond White and Christian Nourijanian.


Raye Zaragoza is an independent singer-songwriter from New York. She released her debut EP "Heroine" in 2015, with its title single "Heroine" receiving acclaim across the US and UK. Honoring her Native-American roots, her latest release "In The River: A Protest Song," was written in solidarity with the Standing Rock sioux against the Dakota Access Pipeline, whose video received half a million views on Facebook and has raised thousands of dollars for Standing Rock's supply fund. You can now pre-order and help fund Raye's 100% independent album on PledgeMusic.